SeaWatch: Hammerhead Trifecta

The inagural piece from my newest recurring segment in Scuba Diving Magazine, called SeaWatch, spotlighting the three hottest spots for diving with hammerhead sharks in the Eastern Pacific.

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Swimming With (Whale) Sharks | Men’s Journal

Got some time off and a desire to dive alongside a creature the size of a school bus? Follow this roundup from the April 2009 issue of Men's Journal.

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Go Before It’s Gone: Isla Guadalupe | Men’s Journal

A ban on chumming around this remote Mexican Island may cut off divers' access to one of the world's best shark diving hotspots, from Men's Journal, Mar. 2009.

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Great Whites Off Limits at Guadalupe? | Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Magazine, Sept. 2008 Guadalupe shark diving operators may lose access to [...]

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