Best Dive-Trip Souvenirs | Sport Diver Magazine

Souvenir hunting is a timeless travel tradition, so it’s only natural that we [...]

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Cracking the Coral Triangle | Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving, Nov. 2008 From the Philippines to the Solomon Islands, the Coral Triangle is the world's hottest region for on-the-fringe diving.

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Disaster Proof Your Dive Vacation

Ten tips for navigating common dive vacation disasters. From Scuba Diving magazine, October 2008.

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Cozumel: Where Easy is an Institution | Scuba Diving

Ripping drift dives along lush reefs and dramatic walls draw more divers to Cozumel than any other location in the Caribbean. I took a look at the varied reef environments here and gave a service-heavy breakdown of Cozumel's best dives, along with insiders' tips from on-island diving experts that help readers dive Cozumel's hardest-to-get-to reefs. Published in Scuba Diving magazine, August 2008.

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Secrets of the Bay Islands | Scuba Diving

See the many sides of the Bay Islands on this diving odyssey that explores from the Pigeon Cays of Roatan to the offshore whale shark grounds of Utila. Published in Scuba Diving magazine, June 2008.

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Great Whites Off Limits at Guadalupe? | Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Magazine, Sept. 2008 Guadalupe shark diving operators may lose access to [...]

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10 Tips For Healthy Travel | Scuba Diving

A roundup of healthy travel tips especially for scuba divers, published in Scuba Diving magazine.

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